2021 CrossFit 313 Nutrition Challenge

2021 CrossFit 313 Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Details

Here comes 2021 and our next CF313 Nutrition Challenge!

ALL of our CrossFit 313 coaches currently follow MACROS and can help you throughout this 2021 challenge.

You will have tons of support and help! So don’t be afraid to ask questions and utilize our CF313 Macrostax Challenge FB page for a more streamline communication center for all participants.

As always, in addition to the Macrostax side of this challenge, we are also including a TRIIB challenge in order to earn extra points for participating!

We will be holding various WOD challenges throughout the weeks to gain “points”. These points, like on previous challenges, will be part of your TOTAL points at the end of the challenge. This point system will make it fair for all the participants to potentially WIN in the challenge!

**ALL Participants will get a Macrostax start-up Kit including: a koozie, sunglasses, tape measure and alcohol card.**

1st Place will win a FREE 1-year Macrostax Subscriptions! ($120 value!)

Now the good stuff:

  • 8 weeks of Macrostax Access 
  • Macrostax Personal Coach (Miranda & Anne! – our Macro GURUS)
  • Custom meal plans/recipe ideas/macros specifically for you
  • TRIIB Challenge Access (fun WODs/challenges to keep us in check and motivated!)
  • Inbody Body Fat/Composition Testing
    • 2 FREE Inbody testings ($100 value!) 
  • FREE 1:1 Nutrition Consultation with Coach Ashley to talk about your Inbody results and future health/fitness goals! ($50 value!)
    • Every week, the winner will be able to choose 1 prize of the following:
      • 26oz Macrostax YETI Bottle
      • Macrostax Shirt/Tank
      • Macrostax backpack
  • 15% off ALL PROGENEX bags/boxes (January through March)
  • At the end of the challenge we will have our top 3 winners!
    • To be able to participate you must submit the following:
      • Before/after pictures
      • Graphs (Macros, weight, measurements – these are all in the Macrostax app!)
      • Submit daily, weekly & attendance points in TRIIB
  • At the end of the challenge ALL challengers will get a 50% off code for your Macrostax subscription! ($60 value)
    • Those that have subscriptions ending after March 15th – your renewal (at 50% off) will go into effect when you’re subscription officially ends.

Important Dates:
-Challenge Dates: January 18th – March 15th (8 weeks)
-Registration Deadline: January 11th
-Registration Fee: $165.00 

Daily Goals


Hit my daily Macros!

Ending daily Macro-nutrient count: +/- 5g (Carb/Protein) +/- 2g (Fat)

Submitted WOD score in TRIIB!

Attend CF313 Daily WOD (GPP) - Submit Score in the TRIIB Leaderboard

Selfie Social Media Check-in

Post a sweaty on selfie media (Instagram, FB)
Tag CF313 & Check-in!

Weekly Goals


Attend 4+ Classes Weekly

Attend 4 CF313 Classes per week (CF Class/Open Gym)

Completion Based Goals


25 ROMWOD Sessions

25 ROMWOD Sessions in total

1 Session = 1 Rep

200 Back Squats @ Body Weight

200 Back Squats @ Body Weight

400 Strict Pull Ups

400 Strict Pull Ups

Modifications: Ring Rows or banded strict pull ups

600 Echo Bike Cals

600 Echo Bike Cals


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Challenge Info:

2021 CrossFit 313 Nutrition Challenge

Dates: Jan. 18, 2021 - March 15, 2021

Reg Deadline: Jan. 19, 2021

Participant Standings

Registration: $165.00

Reg Deadline Passed